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How To Update Your Electrical Panel and Get Organized!

Is your electrical panel labeled? Labeling your electric panel allows you to control the electric power to any area of your home with ease and confidence. Below are some quality tips from ElectriPros on how to organize and label your electrical panel.

You never know when you will need to shut power off in the event of an emergency. Therefore, knowing which circuit breaker is connected to which circuit inside your home is a crucial component to electrical home safety.

burnt wall receptacle outlet

  1. Tackle this labeling project with a buddy. Designate one individual to flip the switches in each area, while the other is at the panel testing it.

  2. Buy some blank sticky labels to apply on each switch which is much easier than taping individual papers.

  3. First, be sure to turn off every circuit in your home. Next, turn on each one individually to note which light fixture turned on. Label the electrical panel accordingly as you go along.

  4. Note: some sections of the electrical panel may not belong to one specific breaker. If this is the case, improper wiring may be the issue. Give ElectriPros a call if this happens!

  5. Clothes washing machines and dryers, water heaters and ovens often require multiple breakers due to the high amount of power required to operate. Do not be confused if this happens!

  6. Using a number system is also common when labelling and organizing your electrical panel, if you don’t want to write out the labels. It just depends on your preference and what’s easiest for you.

Please contact ElectriPros should you need assistance with your Electric Panel repairs, upgrades, or labeling.

This process can be frustrating and time consuming. However, it will be worth it in the end! For any other questions regarding this process, or you’re dealing with any other electrical issues, contact your trust electrician, ElectriPros, today!!

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